HD Video Lessons

Browse my selection of HD video guitar lessons. Lessons span from guitar basics to tuning, picking techniques, chords, songs from artists featured around the globe and so much more. My world class coursework has been recorded, edited and made available here for you. Learning how to play the guitar just became a whole lot easier.

Learn From Home

Learn how to play the guitar in the comfort of your own home. To make use of my service, all you need is a device that connects to the internet and you’re good to go. An uncapped internet option is advised as my lessons are streamed over the net. Learn at a time that suits you. Day or night. Rain or shine. The choice is yours.

Step By Step Classes

I have developed easy to follow, step by step classes for my students. This takes the guess work out of mastering the guitar. Each lesson progresses into the next. This ensures that your skill level and knowledge of the guitar increases with each lesson. This way you’ll never feel overwhelmed or unsure of where to begin.

Popular Songs & Artists

I'm not in the business of teaching students how to play songs. I'm in the business of creating guitarists. Instead of teaching you how to play songs like a parrot, I use songs to practice the techniques and theory that are covered during my lessons. So prepare to learn popular songs from artists featured around the globe.

Downloadable PDF Files

Not only do you gain access to my HD video guitar lessons, but each lesson has a downloadable PDF that goes along with it. This is perfect for students who enjoy following along on a worksheet when playing songs or when learning new concepts. This also saves the environment as no printing is necessary. Nailed it.

Ask A Tutor

As one of my students, you have a direct line to me to ask questions and get feedback on lessons. Should anything not make sense during a lesson, please make use of the Ask a Tutor feature and I will respond to you. I value my students and want you to master what I teach. So if you're confused, ask away and I'll assist.