Are you sick of not being able to play the guitar? Have you always wanted to play but never quite reached that goal?

Maybe you’ve tried before in the past and failed. Maybe you didn’t enjoy your instructor or felt that you weren’t progressing like you wanted to.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to play but never got started because:


  • You fear that you won’t succeed.

  • You’re ‘not musical’.

  • You don’t know where to start.

  • You feel like it’s too difficult.

  • You don’t have ‘time’.

  • You feel like you need guidance.

  • You want to go at a pace that works for you.


Whatever your reason is for not having started, you can say goodbye to the old you. You’ve decided to finally become the new you. The you that takes up the guitar and becomes the guitarist you’ve always wanted to be.

The new you knows that being able to play the guitar allows you to:


  • Enjoy a lifetime with this incredible instrument.

  • Reach your own personal guitar goals.

  • Start a band.

  • Play in church.

  • Make your own songs.

  • Play awesome tracks from your favourite artists.

  • Be a campfire sensation.

  • Become a musician.

  • Impress whoever you want to impress.

  • Have loads of fun!

  • Boost your self confidence.

  • Become more disciplined.

  • Have an awesome hobby.


All of these things and more can be achieved if you know how to play the guitar. I have personally been able to achieve my guitar goals. I can tell you that it’s AWESOME !! I want you to feel the way I do! I want you to wake up every morning knowing that you can play the guitar, and I want you to enjoy the benefits of it each and every day. To assist you with this I have put together a course that helps you learn how to play the guitar in the most effective, most enjoyable way possible.



The Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course.


The Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course is an online guitar lesson course. Lessons are taught using pre recorded HD, multi angle videos.

It is the best beginner guitar course on the net. It guides you every step of the way from complete guitar newbie into talented picking and chord beast.

You will be learning everything that you need in order to absolutely nail the guitar. The course is broken up into 2 main levels:


1. Genesis Picking Level:


This is the level that beginners start with. The whole aim of this level is to strengthen your hands and fingers, to help you grasp the fundamental picking techniques and to turn you into a picking machine.


2. Chord Level:


This is the level you progress to once you have completed Genesis. This whole level is dedicated to chords. You will learn everything you need in order to play chords like a machine.


To get through all of this content and to master all aspects, would take a minimum of 2 years in private lessons!

That would cost over R15000 !!

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Course Benefits



I have spent countless hours working on this course. My aim was to create an online beginner guitar course like no other. A course that not only helps you reach your playing goals, but allows you to enjoy the journey. To assist with this I have included loads of bonuses. These add to the learning experience.

PDF Worksheets ( Worth R2000 )

The course includes PDF booklets that go along with the lessons. This allows you to follow along with what is being taught in the lesson.

Step by Step Classes ( Worth R2500 )

The site has been designed to have the next lessons and previous lessons linked and visible for you. This way you always know where to start and what to do next. You’re welcome.

Ask Me ( Worth R2000 )

The online classroom has a question feature built into it. So without having to leave the classroom you can ask me any question you may have and I will respond to you. I’m with you every step of the way.

HD, Multi Angle Videos ( Worth R3000 )

All lessons are taught using HD, Multi angle videos. This ensures you always have a crystal clear front row seat to the action.

Email Tips & Tricks ( Worth R1000 )

The course comes with optional email tips and tricks. These will give you tips in your inbox to help you get the most out of the course and get the most out of your guitar learning experience.


Taking the course online means that you have the freedom to take lessons at a day and time that suits you. 24/7. Midnight guitar lesson anyone ?


So if you’re sitting there thinking:


I won’t succeed.


I’ll say that this course has been designed from the ground up for students who have NEVER played the guitar before. It guides you step by step through all the aspects that you need to know. Each lesson is very detailed and includes worksheets that go along with it. You also have a direct line to me to ask questions. So trust me – YOU WILL SUCCEED.


I’m ‘not musical’.


No Problem !! In my opinion being musical is OPTIONAL when learning how to play the guitar. The guitar is a technical instrument, which means that ANYONE can learn how to master the techniques. This is true if you are musical or not. Like I said, the course is broken down step by step for ANY beginner. P.s. – I’m NOT musical !


I don’t know where to start.


Fear not. I’ve spent years perfecting my teaching methods. Years of hard work have allowed me to create a guitar course that gives you information exactly when you need it, maximising how quickly you progress. This course shows you exactly where to start and where to progress to. All you have to do is start.


I feel like it’s too difficult.


Learning how to play will have it’s challenges, that’s a fact. HOWEVER, it most definitely is not too difficult. Anyone who wants to learn and who is willing to put in the work can absolutely smash the guitar. I have also made sure that the course gradually gets more difficult as you go along. That means that you only tackle more difficult aspects when you are ready for them.


I don’t have ‘time’.


The course is taught by means of pre recorded HD videos. This means you can take the course at a day and time that suits you. If you have a busy schedule you can always have late night or early morning guitar lessons. The choice is yours.


I feel like I need guidance.


The course guides you every step of the way. Lessons are linked in a way that shows you your current lesson, previous lesson as well as the next lesson in the series. This ensures you are always guided along the correct path. As you go along you become more knowledgeable and talented on the guitar.


I want to go at a pace that works for me.


There is no rush! You have access to the course for life. You can go through it in your own time. If you feel like you are someone who usually takes longer to master new concepts, then you can take your time going through the course. If you usually grasp new concepts quickly, you can progress quickly too. The choice is 100% yours.


What is included in the course?

You will receive the full Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course. This includes 136 HD, multi angle videos. This is over 38 hours of content. You will also receive 2 PDF booklets that go long with the lessons, additional tips and tricks delivered to your inbox and a direct line to me to ask questions.

Where do I access my course?

In order to access your course, you will need to log in on this website and click on the classroom. All videos are stored on this website. You can access the website from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Do I need any prior experience?

NO !! Absolutely not. I have designed this course for students who have always wanted to play, but NEVER have.

Do I need to attend any live lessons?

Fear not ! All lessons are pre recorded. This means you don’t need to attend any live sessions. You can take the lessons at a day and time that suits you. You will also have access to them FOR LIFE. So no pressure.

What if I am confused or have questions?

You have a direct line to me to ask questions and I will help you. I take my job very seriously and want all my students to absolutely NAIL the guitar. So ask away because I’m with you every step of the way.

Do I need the internet to take the classes?

YES ! All lessons are streamed over the net, similar to watching Youtube videos. So it is advisable that you have uncapped ADSL or a data package with high data caps. You can use any device that connects to the net. A smartphone, PC or tablet will work.

What do I need to take classes?

You will need your own guitar. Find out which one here. You will also need a pick, chromatic guitar tuner, metronome and capo.

Not all of these items need to be bought at once. The guitar, pick and tuner need to be bought to start. The others can come at a later time. Purchase a chromatic tuner / metronome combo if you can.

What if I am not happy with the course?

There is no risk to you. I am very confident in this course and am confident it will work for you. You have a 30 day money back guarantee!! This allows you to try out the course for a whole month! If you are not getting the results you want, contact me right away within the 30 day period, show me that you’ve done the work and I will refund your money.

What if I don’t live in South Africa?

This is not a problem at all. The site will work anywhere in the world! Although all prices are specified in Rands, our payment system can safely and securely process all Visa and MasterCard payments.

Is the site secure?

YES !! All payments on the site are processed by Payfast. They are a leading South African Payment Gateway provider. For more information please visit

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I’m Mario. From the moment I picked up my first guitar, I soon realised that this is what I wanted to do with my life. Not only did I enjoy playing the instrument, but my love for teaching was quickly uncovered. I began giving informal lessons to friends and family members who were keen to learn. This only fuelled my passion for teaching and planted the seed that inevitably led to the creation of Music With Mario. Fast forward to today and I’ve been playing for over 10 years and been teaching for most of those. I have taught hundreds of students and helped them reach their guitar playing goals. I have spent countless hours continuously improving and mastering my teaching techniques and methods. I have strived to create the easiest, most effective and most enjoyable way for beginners to learn how to play. Years of hard work have led to the creation of this course. The Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course.

30 Day Money back guarantee!

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  • Finally reach your life long goal of learning how to play the guitar!
  • Reach your personal guitar goals. Starting Today!
  • Have loads of fun!
  • Risk Free! Try the course for 30 days with a money back guarantee!
  • One instructor with one proven method of helping you master the guitar!
  • HD, Multi angle lessons!
  • Accompanying PDF Booklets!
  • Guided, step by step lessons. Giving you the structure you need to succeed!
  • Email tips and tricks straight to your inbox!
  • Contains a minimum of 2 years worth of material. That would cost over R15000!
  • Learn at a day and time that works for you!
  • Boost your self confidence and become more disciplined!
  • Unbelievable value!

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  • R225 per month.
  • $17.18 per month.
  • 30 Day money back guarantee!
  • Have access to the entire course for life.

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