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What equipment do I need to start taking up guitar classes?

05/09/2016 | by Mario Bap | Posted in Guitar Basics

In order to start learning how to dominate the guitar, you’ll need a few pieces of equipment:


  • Guitar


You will need to own your own guitar. This is vital because you need to practice all the material that gets given to you in class.


  • Guitar Picks


Although some instructors will give you your first pick, it is highly advisable that you have at least 3 others in your guitar case at all times. This is important, as all guitarists know that if you aren’t careful, you can lose a pick in no time.


  • Guitar Tuner


Having your own guitar tuner is essential. Initially during your classes you will be taught how to tune your guitar using a tuner. Therefore having your own is vital. Remember, no matter how well you play, if you’re out of tune… You’ll sound terrible! It is advisable to purchase a guitar tuner that has a metronome built in. Purchase a Chromatic Tuner.


  • Metronome


Going along with what was just said. Many Chromatic Tuners have metronomes built into them. Make sure that you purchase one that does. This saves you from having 2 separate electronic devices filling up your bag. A metronome is a little device that plays equally spaced ticks or beeps. It assists us in staying on beat when playing. Your instructor will show you how to use one.


  • Capo


A Capo is a clamp that clamps onto our strings and changes the key of the guitar. There are loads of uses for one. In my opinion every guitar bag should have a capo in it. Make sure you purchase one that suits your guitar type.


  • Nice to Haves


Number 1-5 took care of all the essentials that you should have when taking up guitar classes. Number 6 deals with others that might not be necessary, but are convenient to have. These include:


  • Extra set of strings
  • Guitar Strap ( To stand and play )
  • Music Stand for your notes


Awesome ! You now know what you need. Now get out there and get all this so we can begin.


See you soon.



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