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How do I reach my 2017 guitar goals??

16/01/2017 | by Mario Bap | Posted in Tips and Tricks

Happy New Year folks! Here’s to 2017 being fantastic across the board. Pun intended 🙂


So you’ve decided that you want to either a) start learning how to play the guitar this year or b) take your guitar playing to new heights in 2017.


I wanted to shed some light on how to dominate both cases.




Let’s say this is the year that you want to finally learn how to play the guitar! But where do you start? The best bit of advice I can give you is to get an instructor. This can be in studio or online.


Yes we live in a day and age where there is an abundance of freely available information on the net. Instead of this being an asset though, this is actually your worst enemy! There’s too much information out there and no guidance! Having an instructor or taking an online guitar course will ensure that you have the guidance you need to dominate the guitar in the shortest time possible. You will always know what you’re supposed to be doing and will also have someone there to assist you with questions. This is true for in studio and online classes.


So get an instructor and let 2017 be your guitar year !




Let’s say you’ve been playing but want to take things to new heights this year.


The first thing I want to ask you is how much are you practicing? Because remember you can’t expect to be fantastic on the guitar without actually putting in the work.


You need to be dedicated and need to allow time every day to play and grow on the guitar.


If you struggle to get to practicing because you don’t know what to work on. Then make sure you have some form of guidance, be it in studio or online.


Then make yourself a practice schedule. Sit down and ask yourself what needs work in order to help you grow? Ask yourself what you want to be able to do on the guitar at the end of this year. Once you have the answers to these questions you can start planning what needs to be worked on. Take this information and make a practice schedule. Something like this:


‘ Monday 8pm – 9pm I work on A Shape Barre Chords ‘

‘ Tuesday 8pm – 9pm I work on ear training ‘


Once you’ve made the schedule, you need to be dedicated and need to stick to it. If you do this you can rest assured and know that 2017 is your year.


Let me know if you have any questions.



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