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Enjoying the journey

05/04/2017 | by Mario Bap | Posted in Self Improvement

Today’s post is all about enjoying the journey. When we take on new tasks, we usually have certain goals in mind. As humans we are unquestionably results driven. We want our hard work, time and dedication to be paid off with excellent results. These results could be in the form of a target weight, a certain amount of money, a certain skill level or any other specific goal you have in mind. The point being that we are very passionate about our results.


I find no problem with this. I am very results driven and push hard to reach my goals. I feel that as humans it gives us purpose, gives us something to strive for. It’s very important for people to have goals. Goals = vision. But that’s a topic for another day…


That leads me to today’s issue. We need to remember that although having a goal is so important, we should NEVER allow it to diminish the journey we are currently on. As cliche’ as it may sound, the journey is as enjoyable, if not more so, than the actual destination.


The journey is what gets you to the destination. On the road to this powerful goal you have, enjoy every little milestone. Celebrate every success, and grow on every failure. Being demotivated and unhappy along the journey is in my opinion, a fatal mistake. 

Let’s look at why being unhappy along the way will sabotage you:


  1. The goal is the end point.
  2. The journey allows us to reach that end point.


If we believe the above statements, then we can safely assume that if we make a mistake along the way, or take a wrong turn so to speak, we might not end up at the correct destination !! Imagine trying to get to a certain address that you have never been to before, and you accidentally put the wrong address into Google Maps. BOOM! You have arrived at the wrong destination.


That is exactly what happens when individuals don’t give themselves permission to enjoy the journey. They are unhappy, demotivated and ultimately give up without ever reaching their goals.


So take action steps today to actively engage yourself in your current situation. Enjoy the process as you know that you are on the road to reaching that awesome goal. Struggling at a certain point? Embrace it as you know that once you master this hurdle, you will be stronger, more skilled and better off for it. Have a small victory? Celebrate it as you know that you are one step closer. Above all, have fun and when you arrive at your desired destination, you will be the best you that you can possibly be!!


Whether you’re learning how to play the guitar, trying to get into shape, starting a business, working on a relationship, learning a new language or ANYTHING ELSE.. Always Remember:


Enjoy every moment and succeed !!


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