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Expectations vs Practice Time

12/05/2017 | by Mario Bap | Posted in Self Improvement

Hi Guitarist,


Today I wanted to shed some light on managing your expectations based on the amount of time you put into your playing.

You need to remember that playing the guitar, as with anything in life, requires work. So with that being said, you need to know that you can’t have exceedingly high expectations and goals and expect to get there without doing the work.

I really believe in setting high, ambitious goals for myself. But along with those goals, goes a detailed plan on how i’m going to get there. I map out and plan what needs to be done when, and mentally prepare myself for all the work that needs to go into reaching my goal.

You need to deal with your guitar playing in the same way. Start out with a goal and expectations. Then you need to map out your path. Schedule your daily practice sessions and stick to them religiously.

On the flip side, you need to understand that your progress won’t be as swift and your goal will seem a bit further down the road if the time you put in isn’t desirable.

Whatever your goals or expectations are, just understand that reaching those goals is directly related to putting in the work. You can’t have the one without the other.

Action step for today should be to set a goal for yourself, whatever that may be. Then start working towards it on a daily basis. Manage your expectations as you go based on how much time and effort you put in.

Get out there and do some work !!

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