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The Importance Of Having A Goal

23/06/2017 | by Mario Bap | Posted in Self Improvement

This post applies not only to your guitar playing, but all aspects of your life.

Have you ever taken a memorable holiday? You jetted away to some exotic land and forged memories that will stick with you for life. Or maybe you’ve taken a local trip to your favourite spot to recharge those worn out batteries. No matter the trip, the important thing that each of those examples had in common – a known destination. Before you set off on your trip you knew where you were headed. You knew exactly where you were going and had put steps in place to get there.

That right there, is exactly what having a goal is all about. A goal is your destination point. You need to know where it is you want to end up, so you can put the necessary steps in place to get there.

So your first action step for today’s post, is to sit down and think long and hard about what your goals are. You need to decide where you want not only your guitar playing to end up, but where you want your life to end up. Jot these goals down. Put them up in your room, on your fridge, wherever you need them to be constantly reminded of your destination point.

Once you have worked hard on deciding what your goals are, you then need to work on your action steps to get there. When we plan our holidays, we ensure we have flights, accommodation, transfers etc. all worked into the equation. You now need to start planning these same steps to reach your guitar and life goals. These steps can include making a daily practice schedule that you stick to, hitting the gym every day, choosing to eat right, working on a budget to save more. Whatever it is you need to do to reach your destination is what you need to plan for.

Once you have your destination point and your action steps to get there. You are now living with purpose. You are not aimlessly going through life. You know where it is you want to go and how you are going to get there. You my friend, are now a beast!!

I hope this post opened up your mind and showed you the importance of having a goal and knowing where you’re going in life. You have one life, dominate it.

All the best.


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