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Guitar Maintenance Tips

17/07/2017 | by Mario Bap | Posted in Guitar Basics

Hi Guitarists,


Today’s short and sweet post deals with some basic things to keep in mind to ensure your guitar stays in great shape for years to come.

We love playing our guitars, they have given us hours of enjoyment and self worth. Admittedly, we often forget to put in the necessary care to ensure our instruments remain in peak condition.

Below are some things to keep in mind:


  1. When playing, sweat, dirt and grime come into contact with the strings and fretboard. This is a problem which affects the longevity of the strings, as well as the aesthetic look of the fretboard. A great way to help eliminate this is by wiping down your strings and fretboard after each playing session. This might seem like a tedious thing to do each time, but it goes a long way in preserving your instrument.
  2. Speaking of strings, when was the last time you changed them? Strings age over time, resulting in them sounding dull, not holding a tune and becoming prone to snapping. Depending on how often you play, I would suggest changing strings at least every six months.
  3. Keeping your instrument in some sort of case, protects it from the elements. This is especially true for owners of solid top guitars. Remember, guitars are made of wood. Wood is sensitive to humidity. A great way to protect your musical baby is to keep it in a case when not in use. A hard case is my preferred choice as this ensures the guitar is also protected from bumps and knocks.
  4. Treat your fretboard. Use some lemon or other oils to treat your fretboard once in a while. This ensures the wood always stays in peak condition.
  5. Use a micro fibre or similar cloth to clean the body of your guitar. This should go without saying, but I have seen too many guitars in desperate need of a clean. 


I hope this has opened your mind up to some easy, yet highly affective ways to keep your guitar ready to rumble for years to come. Have any others you would like to add? Let me know.


Thanks so much.



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