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I don’t have time to practice!

12/05/2019 | by Mario Bap | Posted in Guitar Basics

This is something many new and old guitarists struggle with. In today’s fast paced life people are often juggling many different activities, which leaves little time for practice.

My answer to this problem always remains the same. You need to practice the most that your schedule will allow for. Be honest with yourself and commit to doing the most your schedule will allow. That could be as little as 5 minutes a day, to as much as 3 hours daily. Giving up on your dream of learning how to play is not the answer.

You need to understand that learning how to play any instrument is a marathon. There will be times when you struggle and your pace is slower, but equally there will be times when you are ahead of the pack and amazed with progress. Your schedule will also not stay constant, so put your head down, practice as much as you can right now, and when things even out in the future you can up your practice times.

It’s important to discuss your schedule and practice times with your instructor, so lessons can be planned accordingly. Always keep your instructor in the loop.

Take a moment to sit down and have an honest conversation with yourself, commit to practicing as much as you can afford daily and then work as hard as you can to execute your new plan.




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